Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How do I Stop My Puppies from Chewing My Oriental Rugs?

Great question! A reader recently posed this very question, and I know this rug chewing issue plagues many new dog owners. I, myself, have suffered this problem, and as a consequence now have holes chewed through oriental rugs and corners chewed ragged because I didn’t simply move the rugs. And many of these were rugs I personally brought back from the Middle East after scouring rug shops and markets and haggling with the local merchants. Anyway, I thought I could monitor the puppies and stop them before they had the chance to do any damage. Boy, was I wrong. Little rascals always managed to find the soft spot in my vigilance.

All right. To stop your puppies from chewing on your oriental rugs, I now recommend getting them up off the floor and replacing them with some sort of “training” covering. Let the puppies chew on that. But more importantly, you can use that as an aid to train them out of chewing on your rugs. I warn you that this requires unflagging persistence, patience, and consistency of practice. You must also never get angry with your dogs. You must remain gentle, firm, and never let on that you may want to roast them alive.

When you catch your puppy in the act of chewing on your rug, make a sharp, distracting sound, such as a shout or a clap. You want to break thet puppies attention on chewing. Immediately after distracting the puppy, gently,very gently hold its muzzle shut until it starts to whine. Let it whine for a few seconds. If you do this gently, you will not harm the puppy in any way. Immediatel upon releasing the muzzle, give it a chew toy. You must repeat this each and every time you catch your puppy chewing. The earlier in the act of catching the puppy, the better.

If your puppy is crate trained, then you can use the crate to assist in training your puppy out of chewing. Follow the steps above, but put the puppy in the crate with a chew toy for 10 to 15 minutes. You must do this without any anger, rebuke, or scolding as you do not want your dog to associate the crate with punishment. Also, you are not punishing your dog. You are training its behavior, and in doing so properly, you will also show the dog how to make you happy.

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