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Why are dogs stuck together while mating

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Have you seen mating dogs? Apparently, dogs are not fussy with regards to their breeding locations. These animals will be seen mating anywhere – on the streets, on the beach and in the park. A female dog in heat has a distinct smell that announces her availability.

Thus, a bitch in heat will be tailed by very eager male dogs. If the bitch allows a male dog to sniff and lick her vulva it means that she is receptive of the male’s attention. When one is chosen, no time will be wasted – Lady will give Rover the signal to mount. Flagging or the holding of the tail to one side to show the rear end is the female dog’s signal to the chosen male that she is receptive. Unlike male dogs that are always eager to copulate, female dogs are kind of choosy. Females will only accept the attention of male dogs if they are in the estrus stage of the reproductive cycle.

A bitch in the estrus stage will let the male to mount her from behind. The bitch will give the male easy entry by holding the tail to one side. Once mounted, the dog’s penis will penetrate the vulva. Unlike human’s penis that has to be erect to achieve penetration, male dogs don’t need a stiff penis to be able to enter the bitch’s vagina. Penetration is achieved because a small bone inside the penis called baculum makes the penis stiff. The erectile tissues of the penis will be filled with blood after penetration is achieved. Due to the swelling of these bulbus glandis tissues the penis will be trapped inside the vagina . This would result to the mating tie.

The male dog may choose to stay on top of the bitch or twist around so that the dogs will be facing opposite directions. This position known as the mating tie ensures the impregnation of the bitch. The dogs will remain tied for about 30 minutes and will only be able to disengage after the dog has fully ejaculated. Being stuck together will ensure that the sperm will be delivered into the canal. The distinct smell a bitch in heat emits encourages other dogs to try their luck.

The mating tie guarantees that dominant dogs cannot interrupt the mating.

Sarah’s Dogs has more answers to why dogs get stuck when breeding.

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