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The Mating Ritual of Dogs

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People that have kept dogs for a pet would know if the bitch is ready to be mated. Of course the swollen vulva and bloody discharge would be telltale signs but what would be more noticeable are the bitch’s suitors that would try their luck to be accepted by the bitch. This condition occurs because dogs in the estrus stage would emit a smell that is not unlike a “come hither” signal to male dogs. Dogs are noted for their sensitive noses and when they smell the distinct odor they will come flocking to the bitch’s door

Even if the dogs would mate anywhere, a bitch that is not yet ready to be mated would ignore the advances of the suitors. Even if several male dogs would follow the “lady” around, only one will be chosen. When the bitch is ready, it will allow the male to mount by holding her tail to one side giving easy access to her vulva. Known as flagging, this action of the female is a sign that it is ready to be mated. The male would mount the bitch from behind and penetrate the vulva with its member. Once penetration is achieved, the male would usually swing one leg to one side until the dogs are tied end to end.

Owners that are witnessing mating dogs for the first time would panic believing that the dogs are hurting as aside from being stuck, the dogs may whine and appear to be hurting. It is natural for mating dogs to be stuck end to end and owners must never try to separate them. This is known as the “Tie” or the mating tie.

A dog’s penis has a bone called baculum that enables the penis to penetrate the vulva even if it is not stiff. After penetration, the bulbus glandis, an erectile tissue at the base of the penis will swell with blood. The erectile tissue will cause the tie as it traps the penis inside the vagina until the male’s ejaculation is finished. The bulbus glandis will return to its normal size after the dog has finished ejaculating. The dogs will then be able to separate.

The mating tie ensures impregnation as the sperm and prostatic fluid will be transmitted directly into the canal thereby preventing leakage. Any other male dogs that would want to mate with the female would not be given a chance as long as the mating dogs are stuck together thus mating will not be interrupted.

Why do dogs get stuck together when breeding? Read more at Sarah’s Dogs.

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