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Stop Dog Barking As Seen On TV

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First, let’s talk about what Bark Off is intended to do. Bark Off has made such a stir because it’s a device used to control dog barking but since it is an As Seen On TV item people wonder if it actually does work.

Bark Off is supposedly a great solution to solve the problem of dog barking. Everyone has experienced this some time during their lives and it can be very annoying. It happens when you are trying to sleep and the neighbor’s dog seems to be sitting right by your head, or you are trying to enjoy some TV and you can seem to get your dog to stay quiet.

It’s true that some dog barking can be a good thing. Can you imagine how you would feel if a burglar tip toed past your dog and he didn’t bark? What about when your child get’s a little too close to the street while you are turned around. Dogs are notorious tattle tales and believe that’s a great thing, but what about when you need a little piece and quiet. Which form of dog barking control will really work?

A lot of people use shock collars for training but it seems a bit inhumane and it doesn’t always mean your dog will learn to associate the shock with the desired behavior. After all, barking is an instinct and it’s how your dog chooses to communicate with you. You don’t want to confuse the dog with negative reinforcement.

Bark Off is much more humane assuming it is effective. It emits a harmless ultrasonic pulse which we cannot here but catches your dog’s attention. This only happens when the device is turned on.

Whenever your dog begins to yap, the unit is activated and the ultrasonic wave is emitted. It does no harm to the dog and simply interrupts the dog’s barking pattern. The theory is that if you can distract the dog’s attention from whatever the cause of its barking is, then it will stop. The ultrasonic wave just commands the dog’s attention and they forget what got them barking in the first place.

In theory this is an awesome idea, but in practice it might prove difficult. If the Bark Off really works, I for one want to know about it because it could be the perfect solution to my dog barking issues.

I have a really brutal problem in my life with my neighbor’s dog. I really like the dog, he’s very playful and kind but loves to bark at night when he’s outside. Unfortunately, I think he drives my neighbors nuts too and they put him outside so they can hear him. They are on the other side of the house, and the dog stays basically right outside my window. The Bark Off is supposed to work at a decent distance so theoretically I could place the unit by my bed and flip it on at night. If it’s successful, then the dog will either stay quiet or move somewhere else and my problem will be solved.

If bark off can put and end to my annoying barking problem then this thing is the invention of a lifetime. I’m not sure everyone would agree at this point because it seems unlikely that a simple little device could solve such a big problem but sometimes we find solutions to our problems in simple ways.

Do your diligence and read up on bark off or take a look of Bark Off in action.

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