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Should I Buy A Male Or Female English Bulldog?

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I really want a male bulldog, but everyone I speak with says that a female English bulldog will be more laid back and better with my children. Or perhaps the reverse is true. You have always wanted a female bulldog, but you are concerned with it spotting blood around the house. Which will be the best choice for a pet?

As a professional bulldog breeder my honest opinion is that most all bulldogs have great personalities. They love people. They are nearly universally friendly. If someone breaks into your home or car. Don’t expect your bulldog to do anything about it, except perhaps lick the intruder and wag its behind. As for personality, most all bulldogs have laid back people loving personalities. Do not expect to see a substantial difference between a male or female bulldog in terms of personality.

The physical build of the bulldog in most cases will vary between the sexes. As a rule, the male bulldog will have a larger head, wider shoulders and chest with a bigger ribcage. The female while still a heavy boned dog will be noticeably smaller and more refined than the male bulldog. Now this is a generalization. There are always exceptions to the rule. If you want the biggest boned bulldog with a large head and massive rib cage you will most likely want to choose a male bulldog. Think of this like driving through the countryside. When you see a bull grazing out in the field you can tell it is a bull while driving at 50 miles an hour. You don’t have to stop and look for boy parts. It is obvious in most cases, even at driving speed. The same is true somewhat for a bulldog.

If you are going to spay or neuter your English bulldog puppy then you will not need to worry about the males marking their territory or the females spotting twice a year. Most pet owners will not want to take up the cross of caring for a bulldog litter. If you know you will not be breeding your bulldog this will prevent a lot of mess to cleanup. And it will improve health problems with your pet bulldog puppy.

When you decide to shop for a puppy, be sure that you look for your bulldog from a breeder who is known to be reputable and who has a record of consistently producing high quality bulldog puppies. There are a lot of different breeders available, however not many of them actually produce the thick boned and wrinkly puppy on a regular basis. Be sure to take plenty of time and find just the right puppy for you and your family, after all, it is a pet that will be with you for a long time. Get a wonderful dog and you will never regret it.

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