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Puggle Puppy

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If you’re looking at getting a Puggle puppy as your new pet, you might first want to find out all there is to know about Puggles and Puggle puppies in general. This will give you a good grounding in what you will have to deal with when you get your new Puggle puppy and what you will have to look forward to as your Puggle puppy matures into a full grown adult Puggle.

The first thing you should understand is that Puggles do not gain much height or weight while growing up, your Puggle will most likely weigh 14-20 pounds and have a height of 13-15 as an adult, the same as that of a puppy. This means that even a full grown and matured puppy will look just like he was as a puppy, and can easy taken to places in a cart or keep on laps without any kind of problems (unless of course they refuse to stay still and want to play!).

A Puggle is basically a cross between Beagle and a Puggle dog. A true purebred Puggle puppy needs to be bred from a purebred Beagle mother and a pure bred Pug father. The result of such a cross breeding is a Puggle that can features of both the Beagle mother and the Pug father.

If you are bored by monotonicity in the color of dogs, then you would be happy to find out that a Puggle puppy comes in various different colors such as tan color, beige, silver, black and sometimes even a fawn and a white spotted mix. The hair on your new Puggle puppy would generally be short and smooth and would require very little grooming.

They also have the characteristic wrinkled face and droopy ears of their parents and display a tendency to be short and stocky, with a waggly curly tail. A Puggle puppy is an affectionate creature and requires more time spent on lavishing love and attention than on grooming!

A Puggle puppy is also one small bundle of energy and loves nothing better than to play, so they make great family pets especially if there are young children around for them to play with. Puggles can be great social animals if introduced to the concept at an early age, but are otherwise friendly anyway.

However it is advised not to mistake this friendliness as anything more than a good temperament, as Puggles can be easily rained to become good watch dogs. Even though they do not howl like their Beagle mother, they can surely give a warning bark if they happen to see a stranger wandering by.

Your Puggle puppy, besides being energetic and mischief prone, will also be intelligent and trainable. They have good listening skills and they will become very loyal to their masters.

However the best trait of a Puggle is its cut and adorable appearance. The wrinkled face and the cute droopy ears make a Puggle puppy a truly captivating puppy that is very difficult to ignore.

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