Monday, May 2, 2016

Border Collie Training Don’ts

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Though presumed challenging by some people, effective border collie training is not impossible to achieve. Apart from trainers and dog experts’ assistance, there are plenty of training books, websites and videos that might help improve your knowledge concerning effective training. Most of these sources usually contain suggestions about the best action to take to attain your desired outcome. But training is not only about do this and do that. Know that there are also things that should be avoided in order to have a well-trained border collie.

- Do not assume that you can train a border collie not to herd people. The instinct is part of their genetic makeup so it can be impossible to get rid of the behavior completely.

- Don’t use harsh methods when training. The border collie is an intelligent breed that responds well to praise, consistent and firm training hence physical punishment isn’t necessary when teaching him a particular command.

- Don’t expect dramatic result after just a few days of border collie training.

- Don’t train until your furry friend is fatigued. Training sessions ought to last for only 10 to 15 minutes and must always end on a positive note.

- Don’t spoil your pet. Letting him in the couch or inside the room after barking and pitiful whining will lead him to develop behavior problems like aggression and dominance hence firm handling and timely correction are important.

- Do not train soon after eating or drinking. Though they are not susceptible to bloat, they can still experience it if their activities aren’t regulated.

- Don’t forget to recognize every good behavior. Reward doesn’t necessarily have to be treats or toys. You can let him know that you’re pleased with what he did by praise or stroking his back.

- Do not surrender quickly. Training and dog ownership for that matter is a long-term commitment. You can’t always get a dog to master commands after two or three sessions. It will take time, effort and a lot of patience before reaching your border collie training goal.

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