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Are Onions Safe for Dogs to Eat

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Feeding the pet human foods has become a habit of dog owners. It has become instinctive for dog owners to toss scraps of food to the pet. All the remaining food on the plates will go directly to Fido’s food bowl. Not all foods that are safe for humans are safe for the dog as well thus the dog owner’s habit of sharing the food being eaten with the pet can have dangerous effects on the dog.

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In order to judge the relative danger, it is necessary to know which human foods are toxic to dogs. Onions is one of the human foods toxic to dogs. Onions are pungent bulbs that enhance the taste of dishes. Onions has the substance theosulphate. Onions must not be given to dogs because the theosuphate substance it contains cannot be metabolized by the dog .

All kinds of onions contain the substance theosulphate thus even a small amount must not be given to the dog. Dog owners must refrain from giving the dog pizza pie, onion rings or any other foods that has onion as an ingredient because the theosulphate cannot be destroyed by cooking or by any other process.

After the onion is ingested by the dog, the theosulphate that was not metabolized by the stomach will cause the oxidation of the dog’s hemoglobin. Hemoglobin, the protein molecules in the red blood cells have the function of carrying oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues in the different parts of the dog’s body. The oxidation of hemoglobin will result to the formation of bubble-like clumps in the red blood cells. The clumps that stick out will be destroyed easily. Once these Heinz bodies rupture, the red blood cells will also be destroyed prematurely. Insufficient amount of oxygen delivered to all parts of the body will compromise the functions of the vital organs.

Dogs that have been eating small amount of onions will not manifest signs of poisoning at once as onion toxicity is dose dependent and symptoms will only be seen when there is already a buildup of toxins. The dog will be lethargic and suffer from breathlessness due to the insufficient supply of oxygen. Onion toxicity will cause the dog to vomit and have diarrhea. Dogs are known to have big appetites but onion poisoning will make the dog refuse food. Onion toxicity though would be resolved as soon as the pet has stopped ingesting onions.

You now know a bit about whether or not dogs can eat onions. If you would like to find out more about all the curious things dogs eat visit Sarah’s Dogs. Here you can also find out how to perform dog first aid in case something goes wrong.

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